Mischa Wines

Red Wine Blend

Mischa Estate’s Difference

• Mischa Estate wines are completely hand-crafted by Andrew himself. Grafting, growing, grape selection & picking, and making the wine are all done on the estate.

• Mischa Estate was the first winery in South Africa to graft, grow, and create wines all on one estate.

• 100% of the grapes in the Estate and Reserve wines are grown on the Estate using Nutrition Farming Methods. Mischa produces natural wines that let the fruit speak for itself.

• Mischa Estate consults and supplies nursery vines to South African’s leading wine farms and therefore has extensive viticultural knowledge of the South African terrior.

• Mischa wines are created from grapes grown on ancient soils in the Voorgroenberg region of Wellington. Growing more than 300% of what’s bottled ensures they always have first pick of the best grapes!

Mischa La Famille

The Mischa La Famille wines are the ultimate expression of Mischa’s time-honoured tradition of sourcing the best fruit. The wines ably demonstrate Mischa’s expertise with single and multi-regional blending, making wines to style and pursuing the highest of quality benchmarks. The bright, fresh-fruit flavours of La Famille are the perfect expression of Mischa Estate’s signature style. The quality of these wines are a testament to the deep relationships which we have built with our partners in the industry.

Mischa Estate

Andrew Barns hand-crafts all Mischa Estate wines in his vibrant, elegant, and fruit-driven signature style! These wines are made from our Estate grapes, make into wine in our cellar and bottled on the Estate. Maximizing the relationship between soil, plant and grape health, Andrew utilizes nutrition farming and his expertise to produce only superior quality wines. Estate wines are limited in production and are composed of 100% of his best of harvest fruit!

Mischa Estate Limited Editions

These wines are Andrew’s playground to explore new directions for our cellar. The range is ever changing with many exiting one-offs which are created to truly unearth the full potential of Mischa Estate. All the wines in the range are made exclusively from Estate grapes, matured and bottled on the Estate.

Mischa Reserve

Our Reserve wines are the very best that we can make with our Cerno blend being the pinnacle of expression of everything that makes Mischa Estate so special. A delicate process in which Andrew’s heritage is carefully balanced with contemporary rule-breaking, these rare offerings continue to lead the way in the world of fine wine.