Cabernet Franc 2019

R1,50000 per case

All Mischa Estate Wines are sold in full cases of 6.

R250 per bottle

The 2019 Cabernet Franc is deep ruby in colour with a beautiful burgundy rim. The ripe red berry aromas of cooked strawberry, raspberry and cranberry dominate this complex bouquet. Secondary aromas of vanilla spice, oak chips and tobacco add on as the sensation develops. Decanting or swirling this wine is a must, because the unique aroma of this wine constantly develops and you don’t want to miss out on its fragrant surprises. This full bodied wine with its fruity tannin has a solid astringency that guides the multitude of flavours right through to the long and lingering finish. You will experience cranberries and raspberries initially and cigar box and oak towards the finish, as the beautiful, smooth tannin structure keep you enticed until the end. Enjoyable as is right out of the bottle as purchased, keeping one or two bottles aside to age to full potential for 5 to 10 years will only unlock this wine’s true potential. Once opened, enjoy on its own or blow the taste buds and olfactory system away by pairing it with cured meat, cold cuts and a selection of cheeses.

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This is Mischa Estate style, so we do things a little differently to bring you the very best wines. Here’s more about our Cabernet Franc 2019.

Alcohol: 14.20 %vol.
Residual Sugar: 2.8 g/l.
Total Acidity: 5.9 g/l.
pH: 3.51.
VA: 0.75 g/l


APPEARANCE: This wine is deep ruby in colour with a burgundy rim.

NOSE: Firstly, we experience aromas of cooked strawberry, raspberry and cranberry. Secondly we enjoy aromas of vanilla spice, oak chips and tobacco. The aroma constantly evolves, therefore decanting and swirling is highly recommended.

PALATE: This full-bodied wine has fruity tannin and solid astringency, which guide the complex flavours to a long and lingering finish. Initially, the drinker will experience cranberries and raspberries, and, finally, cigar box and oak.

FOOD PAIRING: Pair it with cured meat and spicy cold cuts, and different cheeses.


Cabernet Franc is one of the 5 red grape varieties used in Bordeaux blends. Originally from the Loire Valley in France, it is one of the parent cultivars of Cabernet Sauvignon. Therefore, it can vinified as a single cultivar wine.

On Mischa Estate the Cabernet Franc is very close to our hearts, so a lot of attention is given to its vineyard. Firstly, this improves the growing conditions to, secondly, create the optimal microclimate for the grapes, therefore creating a unique and exhilarating Cabernet Franc year on year.


Yields per Hectare: 9 tons/hectare.
Cases Produced: 415.
Appellation: Wine of Origin – Groenberg, Wellington.
Filtrations and Fining: No Fining, light single pass filtration pre-bottling.
Varietal Composition: 87% Cabernet Franc, 13% Malbec.
Wood treatment: Select tight grain French oak, 2nd and 3rd fill.
Length of barrel maturation: 12 months