Cerno 2008


All Mischa Estate Wines sold in the Mischa Estate Online Cellar are sold in full cases of 6.

R850 per bottle

Appearance: Inky terracotta with a dark ruby rim.

Aging potential: Drinkable now, but can be laid to rest for atleast 10 to 15 years!

Nose: Seductive and inviting! Rich aromas of cassis, blackberries and spice that evolve with each glass!

Palate: Beautiful layers of dark berry flavours with truffle and spice. Decadent with great complexity
and lovely depth and balance. The finish is long, sensuous and leaves you wanting more.

Packaging: each bottle is sealed with a wax cap, is individually wrapped and is presented in a handcrafted, special edition wooden box.

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Our exclusive Cerno is a terroir based blend of noble varieties that best epitomizes the virtues of our complex and timeworn soils. Cerno in latin means to sift through or unearth. We chose this name because Andrew Barns, our owner and winemaker, has been single-mindedly working towards to the goal of trying to “unearth” this wine for over 6 years. After extensive work in the vineyards and winery, Andrew has chosen components from various and unique sits on our Estate that blend together to create a harmonious blend that has been defined as “timeless”, “symphonic”, and “demonstrates incredible depth!” Cerno is made in only exceptional years and in very limited quantities! This wine is clearly from the Mischa stable with rich structured tannins and crisp acidity, but is a clear and exciting expression of the estates unique terroir.

Wine Making Information
Alc. (%): 13.7%
R/S (g/l): 3.9
TA (g/l): 6.1
PH: 3.55

Viticulture Information
Yields per Hectare Cases Produced: 5 tons/hectare 83 (6/cases)
Varietal composition Appellation: A secret! This wine is meant to simply Mischa Estate, Wellington, South Africa enjoy… not analyse the components!
Filtrations and fining: No Fining, light single pass filtration pre-bottling
Length of barrel maturation: 12 Months
Wood treatment: Selected, tight grain, small barrels from France and Europe that are all wood air dried and season for minimum 24 months and used for 3 fills. Wood is used as the canvas, not the paint!