Shiraz 2019


All Mischa Estate Wines are sold in full cases of 6.

R205 per bottle

Deep ruby in colour with a sensual burgundy rim, the appearance of this wine is just as enticing as what awaits in the glass. The full, confident aromas one associates with Shiraz have been perfectly balanced in this stunning vintage. With its exquisite flavours of blackberry and plum followed by a mature, fruity tannin with a long and enjoyable finish with elegant flavours of white pepper and French oak, the Mischa Estate Shiraz 2019 is the epitome of the essence of Shiraz. Drink it tonight or age it for 5 – 12 years, you won’t go wrong. However, whenever you do decide to drink it, get the most out of it by enjoying a lamb, beef or chicken roast with dark chocolate for dessert.

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At Mischa Estate, we’ve stuck to the time-honoured tradition of doing things a little bit differently to bring you the very best wines: enter the Shiraz 2019.

Alcohol: 14.12 %vol.
Residual Sugar: 2.0 g/l.
Total Acidity: 6.2 g/l.
pH: 3.48.
VA: 0.73 g/l.


APPEARANCE: A deep ruby colour with a burgundy rim.

NOSE: Clean primary aromas of violets, sweet-and-sour cherry, and blackberry. This then develops into secondary aromas of white pepper and maple wood.

PALATE: Firstly; blackberry and plum as the wine moves through the mid-palate with subtle, yet prominent acidity. Secondly; Mature, fruity tannin take over as the drinker swallows the wine. Finally; a finish of white pepper and French oak.

FOOD PAIRING: The wine pairs excellently with roast lamb, beef or chicken dishes. In addition to dark chocolate.


We’re thrilled to announce that this wine has scored a 91 in’s Prescient Report 2020. This is the highest scoring 2019 wine in the report.

2020 Novare SA Terroir Wine Awards – Area Winner, Wellington: Shiraz 2019.


We harvest our Shiraz 2019 from an old vineyard. Most importantly, this particular vineyard produces a very limited crop with a more delicate fruit. Therefore, Mischa Estate produces a Shiraz that competes at the highest level. At Mischa we use French and American oak to mature our Shiraz. However, not so much as to extract too many wood flavours. As a result, we allow the fruit to to speak for itself in this excellent, award-winning wine.


Firstly, Shiraz is a black grape variety from the Rhône valley in South-Eastern France. Secondly, it is known for producing full bodied wines with jammy fruit and black pepper flavours. This is certainly the case in South Africa.

Yields per Hectare: 9 tons/hectare.
Cases produced: 450.
Appellation: Wine of Origin: Groenberg, Wellington.
Filtrations and Fining: No fining, light single pass filtration pre-bottling.
Varietal Composition: 91% Shiraz, 4.5% Petite Sirah, 4.5% Grenache.
Wood treatment: Selected tight grain French oak, 2nd and 3rd fill.
Length of barrel maturation: 12 months.

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★★★★ (91)